Jackpot City Mobile Casino Reviews

The Jackpot City mobile casino has experienced a great rise in popularity ever since it was introduced in 1998. Overall Ranking. Operated: 1998 – Present. Country: Canada

Overall Ranking. Established: 1998. Country: Canada. Service: Live chat, email, live chat, knowledge base, access to the chat room and the jackpot city mobile casino website itself. There are a lot of other bonuses and promotions that the players can avail of but these are some of the most prominent. This also means that the more popular they are, the more popular the casino is also.

The customer service. They are highly professional and courteous, which makes the people attached to them like family. The staff is always ready to address their customers’ needs and concerns. These traits are what makes them stand out from other online casinos. The customer service of a jackpot city mobile casino is indeed top-notch.

The welcome bonus. A lot of players who get hooked on to this casino tend to go overboard with spending and when they feel like playing without spending, they will always look for deals where they can get a free bet. This is where the welcome bonus comes in. There are a lot of different welcome bonuses that the players can choose from and one of which is the two for one offer which gives them fifty percent of their initial deposit.

The promotions. These offers are given to new players and old players at the same time so as to encourage them to come back to the site again. Promotions and bonuses may come in the form of monthly free spins, daily draws, special spins and jackpot bonuses. There are many other forms of promotions, though that only casino owners can plan. Such as the loyalty program wherein players get to exchange their loyalty points for cash.

Microgaming. The most distinct feature of Microgaming is that it is the only online gambling property that does not involve any downloads or use of flash. Flash is actually the most downloaded element present in any casino games. There is also no registration process or fee associated with using the casinos other than the one-time membership fee that some casinos charge. Microgaming thus has a lot to offer to any gamer who wants to experience all that the internet has to offer like social networking, casino gaming content and micro-transactions.